Hey everyone, hope you all had a great holiday! I got some drybar goodies in my stocking and couldn’t wait to give them a try. I’ve never used drybar before but after watching Carli Bybel on YouTube she mentioned the Sparkling Soda shine mist and I was dying to try it.

Sparkling Soda:

A lightweight hair mist that instantly creates a high-gloss finish while taming  flyaways, static, and frizz without weighing down hair. Great for all hair types including keratin- and color-treated hair, it imparts luminous shine and contains UV absorbers to keep color vibrant and prevent color fading.

This shine mist smells AMAZING, it’s like perfume for your hair! It’s $28 and so worth it. If you aren’t into oils but want your hair to look shiny then this is the product for you.

Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase:

This 100 percent natural silk pillowcase is designed to extend your blowout. The finely woven silk fibers allow hair to glide smoothly over the surface, preventing friction, which tends to cause breakage, frizz, and bedhead. Unlike cotton, silk does not strip hair of its natural moisture—and it’s great for all hair types and textures.

I was watching  Kandee Johnson’s Makeup Lover Gift Guide video 2 weeks ago and she was talking about how a silk pillowcase is a lot better for your hair and skin. Because of the silk your styled hair won’t get ruined and frizzy because it will glide right off of the silk. You also won’t get those annoying indents on your cheeks from your pillow case bunching up. So I figured I would give it a try because nobody wants to wake up with bedhead.

I tried it last night and I was pleased with it. My hair glided right off and I also didn’t wake up to hair everywhere. I’m all about trying products out that are intended to be better for you. Definitely try out these products and see how they work for you!

Until next time xoxo


Faux Fur Coats can be a great staple in your wardrobe if you know how to style them. I went to the lovely Pinterest to get an idea of how to style them and there are so many options! I went with two ways: Casual, and extra (because why not).



Express- Heels

Nike- Sneakers

Garage- Jegging (similar) or Express 

Calvin Kein- T-Shirt

Missguided- Faux Fur Coat

The perfect way to style a faux fur coat for everyday wear is with jeans and a graphic tee. You can never go wrong with that combination. You can even throw on a pair of sneakers for more of a laid back look or dress it up with a pair of skinny heeled sandals.

Extra Glam:


H&M- Sweatshirt

Public Desire- Boots

You can easily dress up this coat by adding thigh high boots, a dress, and a choker. This outfit will make you feel extra glam and fancy! This outfit would be great to wear for News Years Eve as well. This coat is a size 4 which I think is perfect because that way you can layer sweaters underneath without it being too snug.

Here are a few outfit inspiration photos I found. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to styling a fur coat. All black is always chic, pairing it with a dress or romper is comfy yet dressy, and jeans are just easy to style.

I hope you got some faux fur inspiration and until next time xoxo



Hey everyone it’s been a minute since I posted a beauty review or anything beauty for that matter. But I’m back and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on this NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation!

What It Is:

An oil-free foundation that delivers full, natural-looking coverage with one drop, for lightweight, 16-hour wear.

What It Does:

Get full-coverage, lightweight foundation coverage with All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. This foundation is highly pigmented and leaves a natural-looking finish. Perfectly balanced, this breakthrough, full-coverage formula builds and blends effortlessly. Sweat- and humidity-proof, it instantly neutralizes redness and dullness, while it works to reduce discoloration for more even, uniform skin. Perfect for all skin types.

My Thoughts:

So I love the foundation because its full coverage yet it doesn’t feel heavy on the face which is ALWAYS a plus. Nothing is worse then wanting full coverage but then having to feel like your wearing a pound of makeup. I wear the color Stromboli- medium with olive undertones. I like wearing foundation that is one shade darker then my face that way I don’t look to pale in the winter months.

The only thing I dislike is that it doesn’t blend effortlessly, you have to work it in a little bit more. It says to dispense the product onto the back of your hand and working with fingertips, apply a small amount in the center of the face and quickly blend outward working in sections. Now I use a brush and beauty blender to apply foundation never once have I used my hands. Not sure if that will make a difference with the blending process but I might have to try it out once to see if it makes a difference.

I will say it does last all day on my skin and that may be with the help of my primers but it’s full coverage and definitely weightless. It’s also very pigmented, and depending on the coverage you want you don’t need a whole lot of it.  I recommend this product to anyone looking for a new foundation. It’s not overly expensive- $48 and you get full coverage with a weightless feel so it’s a win win.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo


I love the Kardashians style,some people may not like them but you can’t say their outfits aren’t always on point! I came across the photo a few times on Pinterest and it’s a combination of comfy-chic. Believe it or not over sized sweaters are very hard to find to wear as a dress. I found this one in the mens section in H&M..lol. I wanted that over sized sweatshirt fit and the ones I did find were online and overpriced. So for $14 bucks I couldn’t say no.

H&M Sweatshirt

Public Desire Boots

Honestly I was on a hunt trying to find one that fit just right. I didn’t want anything too baggy that I drowned in it, but I needed something long enough to cover my butt. The mens section in Forever 21 and H&M had some good pieces to wear with thigh high boots so if you are looking for something more loose fitting and cheap check out those places. I got a size large in the sweatshirt  because I’m 5’2 and the XL was way to big for me. You should wear some kind of shorts under it though even though it’s long enough with your arms down as soon as you lift them up the sweater moves with them. So any kind of nike pro shorts or boy short under wear/ spanx will work. You could even wear leggings if you want.


This outfit is super comfortable yet you still look put together because of the boots. I know I wear these boots with everything but honestly they are such a great staple piece to have in your wardrobe. You can slay even harder if you add a rhinestone choker to it. Like I said I find inspiration for outfits wherever I can and the Kardashians have some amazing looks to recreate!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo


Who doesn’t love shopping!? A little retail therapy never hurt anybody..maybe your credit card but thats beside the point. I wanted to share with you some helpful tips to use when shopping because sometimes it could be stressful if you don’t know what you want.


Mannequins are a very big help when trying to come up with an outfit. I know it could be overwhelming walking into a store with so many clothes to chose from, but seeing an outfit already put together with accessories makes it easier to visualize what it would look like on. If you are anything like me than you struggle sometimes with putting outfits together which is why I look for inspiration wherever I can.  With mannequins the work is already done for you.


I’m sure you have all been there when you buy an outfit just for one occasion and never wear it again. I have plenty of those one timer outfits sitting in my closet. When you are shopping and pick something out try thinking of more than one time you would wear that outfit/item. if you can’t think of more than one than put it back on the rack.


Back to the whole coupon thing..yes it’s always great to have coupons because who doesn’t love saving some money whenever you can, but with most places you have to wait to receive them in the mail. I wrote a post about UNiDAYS here  for those who don’t know what it is you get free instant access to student discount’s to hundreds of clothing stores. Stores like Express and Missguided are partnered with UNiDAYS. Express had a 15% off coupon for students with a college ID for a while and Missguided I get a new code to use at check out every single time I shop on the site. The discount changes so one day it could be 25% others it can be 40%. I highly recommend signing up if you are a college student because you get discounts at all times.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

Until next time xoxo


The holidays are upon us which means it’s time to start planning your outfits. Holidays are the one time a year where we dress up just to sit in our living room but that doesn’t mean we can’t still sleigh (see what I did there lol). I wanted to share some outfits that could be worn for New Years as well so lets get into it..

The Romper


Public Desire Thigh High Boots

Express Floral Romper

Forever21 Black Romper (Similar)

I love rompers because it’s almost like a dress except you can sit however you want and not have to worry about your panties showing so win win right. Clearly I’m obsessed with these boots but they just go with EVERYTHING. I love how they make an outfit look and since it’s colder outside you can wear a shorter dress or romper and not have to worry about bare legs because these boots cover them up. Pair the black romper with a rhinestone choker and BAM perfect new years look.

The Skirt


Express Crop top (Similar)

Express Lace Skirt

Express Skinny Heeled Sandal 

This skirt is the right amount of sexy because of the lace. This outfit would look killer with a leather jacket and a cute clutch. This is perfect for clubbing and New Years!

The Denim Dress


H&M Denim Dress

South Moon Under Fur Vest

Public Desire Thigh High Boots 

You can wear this dress two ways depending on if you’re going out. Obviously I’d pair it with the fur vest if going out since it’s too cold for just the dress. Or if you are just staying home the dress is enough by itself OR if you are extra you could wear the vest inside lol. I also paired it with the rhinestone choker I made because it adds a touch of glam which I love.

The Casual Outfit


Express Plaid Lace-up Shirt

Garage High-waist Jegging

Express Skinny Heeled Sandal 

I know most people won’t dress up just to sit around so I put together a more laid back outfit. It’s super comfy and perfect to lounge in yet still look put together. You can pair this with heels to give it more of a dressy feel if need be.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together and that you got some outfit inspiration!

Until next time xoxo

Im sure everyone has seen the infamous rhinestone choker floating around the internet. I’m obsessed with them and how they add instant glam to any outfit! The price for a good rhinestone choker is ridiculous, I came across one that was $100…I made this one for around $10. So I wanted to share it with you all because these would be adorable gifts to give friends for the holidays.

What you need: 


Bling Silver Ribbon

Ribbon Clasps

Jump rings

Lobster Clasp


All of this stuff can be found in Michaels, or any craft store near you! Luckily my mom had a majority of the supplies I needed, but this is so super easy to make yourself. You could also make bracelets out of this, which would be another great holiday gift!

How I made it:

  1. First you want to measure the ribbon on a ruler (For my neck it was just shy of 12inches). If you are making this for someone other then yourself I recommend using the extension chain that way they can adjust how tight they want it to fit their neck.
  2. Place a ribbon clasp at each end of the ribbon and secure with pliers.
  3. Once secure open up a jump ring with the help of the pliers and attach that to the ribbon clasp.
  4. Lastly attach the lobster claw to one of the jump rings and bam your finished!

Optional Supplies:

Extension Chain–  For the choker we made I didn’t use an extension chain because I just measured it to my neck. If you are gifting this for someone and you don’t want to measure their neck then measure the ribbon to 11inches and then use the extension chain along with the ribbon clasps. That way its easily adjustable depending on the persons neck.

E6000 Adhesive– This is totally optional. If you really want to secure the jump rings you can apply a little bit of adhesive to the openings that way you ensure nothing comes loose.

I wanted to include a video I found because this is exactly how it was made, and also I’m a visual learner so this is for anyone who wants to watch how it’s done. Keep in mind there are a lot of different ways you can make this.

This is how the finished product should look. Im obsessed with how it came out and I’m definitely going to be rocking this for the holidays! I hope you enjoyed this post and give this a try! Until next time xoxo



Hey everyone I wanted to quickly share with you an outfit post. I want to start a series of ‘Get The Look’ outfits. For some reason I’ve been really into outfit posts lately and I’m not sure if its because I follow so many girls on Instagram who only post outfit photos, but I enjoy doing them. I have a couple on Instagram if you want to check them out. I’ll be adding more of these to the blog so keep an eye out for that!

Dress- H&M

Belt- Asos

Boots- Public Desire 

About a week ago I was in H&M and saw this really cute denim shirt. I wasnt entirely sure if it was a dress or just a really long shirt. I didn’t try it on so I had no idea but after looking at photos on Pinterest of thigh high boots and denim shirt dresses I knew I had to get my hands on one. So last weekend I went back to H&M and tried it on, it says on the website it’s a long shirt, but on me it fits like a dress plus its really form fitting which I like.

You can style this dress however you like, for me I really wanted it to pair with my thigh high boots. To add some detail I paired it with my Asos gold studded and plated waist belt. It gave the look a little more interest and glam. This look would look super chic with a pair of heels as well in the warmer months, or even booties for fall but since I live in Jersey the weather is getting colder so thigh high boots it is! Denim dresses are so easy to style because you can go real causal with sneakers, or dress it up with heels. Personally this is a good staple piece to have in your closet.

Other ways to style a denim shirt dress


I hope you enjoyed this post and got some fashion inspiration out of it, until next time xoxo


What’s Christmas without a stocking?! These awesome little gifts will be sure to make anyone pleased this holiday season. Not only are they extremely useful, but they are also under $20! The beauty lover will thank you this Christmas.

Philips Precision Trimmer


Any girl will appreciate this gift. If you have unwanted hair then definitely pick up one of these! This precision trimmer is the perfect size razor to get in-between the eyebrows, upper lip, and any other small areas. It’s skinny enough you can just throw it in your makeup bag and always have it handy incase you look in the mirror and realized you missed a spot..because lets me honest we have all done it one time or another.



Nothing is worse then wearing your favorite perfume and not being able to carry the entire bottle with you. With travalo you can bring your favorite perfume with you where-ever you go. This is especially handy for anyone who travels a lot since airports are very picky with how much liquids you are allowed to bring.

Minimergency Kit


Us girls like to be prepared for anything thats why we carry big purses. This minimergency kit is perfect to have in your bag at all times. It has everything you could possibly need while out. It includes:

– Adhesive bandage
– Safety pin
– Earring backs
– Deodorant towelette
– Nail polish remover pad
– Stain remover pad
– Clear elastics
– Lip balm
– Emery board
– Tampon
– Hair spray
– Clear nail polish
– Dental floss
– Mending kit
– Breath freshener
– Double-sided tape
– Pain reliever

Beauty Blender Cleaner


I love this cleanser because it comes with a little mat to really get a deep clean for your brushes. Whenever I’m feeling lazy I just use this little guy to clean all my brushes. Its hand held and you can bring it anywhere without having to lug a brush mat and cleaner. This is two in one and leaves your brushes very clean.

Body Icecream


I wrote about this a while ago and I’m still super obsessed! This lotion smells amazing and for those who didn’t read about it on my other post it’s body cream that contains soft cookie chip pieces that melt when massaged—leaving skin soft and smooth but never greasy. The smell of this is enough to make you want to eat it! The packaging alone makes it a great gift. I love when companies use desserts as inspiration behind their products, and lets be real who doesn’t love ice cream and sweet scents!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo



Why not spend a little extra on that special person this holiday season? If you have some extra cash laying around then definitely look into getting these luxurious products.

Oribe Hair & Body Oil

A luxuriously sheer fragranced oil. Calabrian bergamot, white butterfly jasmine and sandalwood delicately scent hair and skin, while a restorative blend of nourishing oils, including sweet almond, meadow foam and starflower, impart a satin glow and silk-finish softness.

If any of you are familiar with Oribe products then you know the smell alone is intoxicating! The products are amazing, top quality, and are sooo worth the money. This oil gives the skin a sexy glow and leaves it smelling out of this world.

Oribe Gold lust Dry Shampoo/ Dry Texturizing Spray

These two products are pretty similar. I used to use the texturizing spray as a dry shampoo before they actually came out with one. What girl enjoys washing their hair all time..no one! Having a really good dry shampoo helps keep the hair clean in between washes. Or with the texturizing spray it’s invisible hairspray that builds incredible volume and sexy texture.

Gucci Guilty for her/ for him

If you want to smell luxurious then this is the perfume for you, and your honey! Gucci Guilty has both men and women fragrances! The price all depends on what ounce bottle you purchase, but if you want to get a little more for your money Macy’s sells gift sets that include two other products like body wash/ body lotion, or a travel size spray bottle. For men it comes with shaving balm, and shower gel.

Glow Lueur Room Spray 

You’re not the only thing that has to smell nice for the holidays, your room can too! I recently purchased this Glow room spray from West Elm and O.M.G. the smell is again…intoxicating. Seriously it reminds me of the smell when you walk into a really high end salon. It’s very luxurious smelling and it’s not a common scent at all. It’s totally unique, and I really wish they made a perfume out of it because it smells THAT good!

They have a whole collection called Naturalist which is scents inspired by nature. They sell gift sets as well and it comes with the room spray, diffuser, and a candle. Glow’s fragrance notes are: Orange, tangerine, sparkling aldehyde, star anise, clove bud, pine needles, black pepper, cedarwood, cinnamon sticks. This is the perfect housewarming gift or for a hostess!

These products may be luxurious but they also don’t break the bank! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in order to give someone a really nice gift. Let these items do all the talking this holiday!

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time xoxo